About Me

I began by restoring photos of the strangers in my family, learning Photoshop in the process. I’ve since branched out to write about Photoshop and Illustrator, co-authoring Photoshop WOW!  and becoming a contributing author for the Illustrator WOW! series.  For my personal work, I make images of anything, fact or fantasy, often exploring the margins between the two. I’ve experimented with the presentation of restored and retouched images, from creating slideshows to scrapbook pages, and am currently sliding down the slippery slope into photo art and art journaling. I keep adding here and there a little working knowledge of various Adobe apps to expand my options for dealing with all the strangers and strange things in my world, the stored treasures and treasured memories.
Me hugging my daughterMy intention for this blog is to share some of the methods I’ve experimented with, hopefully helping some of you to find your own way to express your connections to  people, places, things, and ideas. I’ve gotten so many ideas, encouragement, and inspiration from others, I hope to pass some of this on so you all can create new worlds.


4 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. .. I really like your new blog – about time you share your “wealth” .. 🙂

    This was just a quick peek; I need to come back and explore your Categories in depth .. !!



      1. Well, it only took 30 months +/- to revisit. With the death of our C’Serve home, I’ll have to visit more often to learn new tricks and techniques … !


  2. I’ve been neglecting the blog in favor of getting more projects advanced, hoping for inspiration to write about. If you visit, I guess I’d best come up with something relevant, Ron.


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